The Tour

Goal of the Study Tour

The goal of the study tour is to let Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Embedded systems students see what is newest technology out there. This is done by visiting universities and high tech companies in several countries. This gives the students an overview and insights in possible job opportunities, internships and possible positions for graduation projects. Also the culture in the visited countries is explored to broaden this perspective for students. All of this is done in the company of a professor of the TU Delft and a group of students who organise the tour.


The destination of study tour is divided into 3 weeks. Week one will go to Austin, Texas and surrounding areas. The second week we will go to San Francisco, of course including Silicon Valley. The final week we will visit Portland, Oregon and probably Seattle, Washington.

United States

Austin, Texas

(August 1st - August 16th) - Surrounding areas might be included such as Houston and Dallas.

San Francisco

(August 10th - August 16th) - Palo alto, the silicon valley.


(August 16th - August 23rd) - Silicon forest.


The precise program is at this moment not available.


The professors who are joining the the study tour are not yet know at this moment.