All participants are responsible for their own participation fee and the case funding. In return, all plane tickets, hotel costs, all transportation needed to follow the program and one diner per country.

Participation fee

The participation fee is €700,- and can be paid in instalments. Depending on possible unforeseen costs, the participation fee can be raised to a limit of €1000,- and if so this will be communicated and in consultation with the participants. In return, a positive financial result of the study tour will be divided among the participants, with the maximum of the amount paid per participant.

Case funding

Besides the participation fee, all participants are responsible for organising a study case of €3000,-. This case can take place at a company or the university. On the first participation meeting the committee will explain this in detail. The same construction was used in the previous study tours, and all participants were able to arrange a case.

Personal funds

Besides the above mentioned costs, it is recommended to save some pocket money to enjoy the study tour to the fullest. Besides one dinner per country, all other dinners will be on your own costs. Also drinks and souvenirs won’t be included.

Participants signup

In order to sign up for the tour a contract must be signed between the participant and the ETV. This signup also requires a payment of €100 in advance. This in order to guarantee the rights of the participant and the association in case circumstances and ensure the right intent of the participant.

Signup procedure

A form must be filled in before december 1st which includes a motivational statement of around 400 words. After this date a selection is made to finalise the participants and contracts can be signed.

Chances are that we have to make a selection of participants from the applications. The following flowchart illustrates how we'll make this selection.

The selection procedure, where are you in the chart?

Stay up to date

Not completely sure if you want to attend the tour, but want to stay up-to-date about all the information. Please leave your email address in the following form: Reis Interest List.